About us

We are a Polish consulting and analysis company that specializes in the improvement of efficiency and security of IT and logistical systems as well as electrical energy management.
Since 2002 we have supported our Customers in setting and achieving their business goals.

Our history

2002 r. Beginning of operations – telecommunication audit

2003 r. Audytel becomes the sole partner of Meta Group Inc.

2004 r. Beginning of analytical activities on the ICT market

2005 r. Extension of services into personal data auditsenie zakresu usług o audyt danych osobowych

2007 r. Usługi z zServices related to energy efficiencyakresu efektywności energetycznej

2008 r. Transformation into a joint-stock company

2009 r. Extension of activities into logistics consultancy

2010 r. Organisation of tenders for the purchase of energy for cities

2013 r. Training in the area of building broadband networks

2015 r. Establishment of REDS S.A., a company dealing with Eco Driving

Experience and Team

Auditel’s team consists of experienced managers and specialists from various fields: IT, telecommunications, logistics, energy and economics.

Many of our staff are certified members of ISACA, CISA auditors, project managers of the Prince2 Foundation, BS ISO/IEC 27001 lead auditors.

Over the course of years, we have developed an analytical method that is based on:

  • Methodology introduced in 2004 by Meta Group
  • Constant monitoring of the telecommunications market and the majority of IT segments
  • Our own survey research and the verification of data from multiple sources

What distinguishes us?


We do not provide intermediation services as part of the sale of recommended solutions and we are not bound by any commission agreements with suppliers.

Technological neutrality

We remain fully impartial to suppliers and technologies, and our recommendations are always in line with the Customer's interest.


Efficiency is a priority for us. Therefore, we attempt to determine the results of our work in monetary terms and we are not afraid to work for a success fee, provided that the Customer so chooses.

Comprehensive services

We specialize not only in analysis and consultancy, but also implement the recommended solutions, making our projects highly effective.

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